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Are you part of a sports team or a community organization? We need people like you to help Nurture UR Neighborhood. If you have an hour a week you will be able to benefit someone or if you have 10 hours a week you can be able to benefit to many community members, your time can vary week to week. We require at least 15 years old, background checks to ensure safety. Volunteers create their profile, the volunteer picks which community member matches with the time they can volunteer and the service that they want to perform.

Our Process

Volunteers create a profile, then upload a photo, give personal demographics so that the background check can be performed and pick which services they would like to perform. If the background check meets the approval criteria the Volunteer will be verified, otherwise the Volunteer will be rejected. Volunteers will be linked to Community Members based on the services they want to perform and their availability. There is no time commitment, no set hours, the Volunteer manages their own schedule. We connect people, this will give Volunteers purpose when helping others and give the Community Members hope for the future. Volunteers will give Community Members meaningful interactions, something to look forward during their week, less worry and decrease their loneliness.

Our Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers, to donate their time to help their community members that need help to live at home where they feel most comfortable. You will be helping someone’s grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle, this would make them less fearful of the future.

Would you like to be a Volunteer?

Volunteering has emotional benefits, it can improve your mood, decrease your stress and increase your self-esteem by giving back. Please sign up today!

Below is the list of possible Volunteer Services: Volunteers choose which services they want to perform in their profile once registered.

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